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Selling a Home

What type of repairs are going to be required before selling?

It can be difficult for a buyer to obtain financing for a home that has major problems with the roof, basement, or electrical system. It will usually be necessary to fix structural or electrical problems before putting your house on the market.

While not strictly required, there are a number of other repairs that will help your home sell faster, and at a better price, without breaking the bank.

Improvements and repairs to front yard and entryway will enhance curb appeal and create a better first impression. Any quick fixes you can do will also usually pay off, such as holes in walls and window screens, repairing or replacing door handles, etc. Cosmetic improvements, paint, wallpaper, landscaping also help a home show better and often are good investments.

Mechanical repairs that ensure all systems and appliances are in good working condition are required to get a top price.

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